Hands-on courses

Basic (whole body)

Next course(s)

The next courses will take place on June 6-7 and 8-9, 2023 (FULL BOOKED). The following courses will take place in November 2023. The dates will be published and registration will open at the end of the summer. We do not make reservations.



The candidate must have completed the theoretical course beforehand.
The theoretical curriculum is composed of ≈ 12 hours online web based course corresponding to:
≈ 4 hours for focused transthoracic echocardiography with 63 MCQ
≈ 4 hours for assessment of the pleural space and lung with 45 MCQ
≈ 1 hour for focused abdominal ultrasonography with 20 MCQ
≈ 1 hour for jugular and femoral catheterization with 26 MCQ
≈ 3/4 hour for deep venous thrombosis examination
≈ 1/2 hour for protocols
It is extended by additional electronic memory aids.
The learning is modular and easy to organize to ensure that at the end the key concepts are mastered. Each participant will be able to set his own learning pace. Participant will be required to complete the multimedia course prior to the practical course.
Access to the web-based content will be granted after the course completion for a 6 month period. It may be extended if the practical course takes place after this deadline


The practical course is composed of ≈ 14 hours hands-on practical training over two consecutive days. The ratio for the hands-on sessions is one ultrasound machine per group of 3-4 people, ensuring that each participant receives ample practice time.
US image acquisition for the heart, lung, vessels and abdomen will be trained on volunteers.
The echocardiographic high fidelity simulator Vimedix will be used to expose the participants to pathologies and clinical scenarios.
Ultrasound guided procedures will be taught on phantoms.

Day 1 (9h - 17h)
Welcome and introduction
Technical aspects (30 min)
Heart (4 hours):
- normal anatomy on volunteers,
- pathologies on simulator
Thorax (4 hours): 
- pleuro-pulmonary normal anatomy (30 minutes)
- pleuro-pulmonary pathologies on simulator (1 hour)
- various: endotracheal intubation, diaphragmatic function, ribs (1 hour)

Day 2
(9h - 17h)
Abdomen (2.5 hours)
- normal anatomy on volunteers,
- pathologies on simulator
Vessels (2.5 hours)
- central veins anatomy on volunteers
- US guided vessel catherization on phantom
- deep venous thrombosis
Clinical cases (1 hour)
How to plan your formation

Upon completion of the training, a certificate will be delivered for each participant for the hands-on sessions.


750 Frs for the hands-on course (includes instructors and healthy volunteers remuneration, logistics costs and material).


PD Dr Damien Tagan, intensivist, AFC POCUS, SGUM course director  (HRC)
+ 4 instructors 


Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine
26 credits for the online course and the practical course

Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine
20 credits for the online course and 16 four the practical course

Society of Ultrasonography in Medicine (for the POCUS accreditation)
Emergency echography (technic and abdominal): 4 credits for the online course and 4 four the practical course
Transthoracic echocardiography: 4 credits for the online course and 4 four the practical course
Thoracic echography: 4 credits for the online course and 4 four the practical course