SimUS is a learning centre dedicated to teaching ultrasonography by simulation. It is primarily aimed at intensive care and emergency physicians.

The centre is located at the Riviera-Chablais Hospital in Rennaz, Switzerland. It is equipped with a high-fidelity simulator to facilitate learning about cardiac (transthoracic and transesophageal), pleuro-pulmonary and abdominal ultrasonography.

The Videmix mannequin has realistic tactile features, including a depressible abdomen, ribs and sternum. The computer monitor’s split-screen display depicts a real-time ultrasound view alongside a corresponding 3-D anatomical image of the organ being examined. Three types of ultrasound probes enable learners to master the hand-eye coordination needed for the different examinations. The Videmix split-screen displays a simulated, live ultrasound image alongside an anatomical representation of the organ being examined, including its surrounding structures. Learners can view organs from 360 degrees, as well as the plane of the ultrasound beam, as they practice generating images.

The centre also has a mannequin for training in jugular, subclavian and axillary central venous puncture under ultrasound guidance.

Practical teaching is preceded by a modular e-learning course that can fit easily into the trainee’s normal clinical activities. The ultrasonography concepts taught in the e-learning course are reviewed systematically during practical classes.